4 Questions to ask yourself in 2015 (& everyday) – Happy New Year on the blog!

Happy New Year Everyone!

The New Year’s resolutions and year long reflections can be a bit cheesy, but hey..a little cheese never hurt anyone so I give in, embracing the cliche!

Here are four questions to ask yourself this new year, and four questions I will answer on LMC; It might be silly, but I don’t just ask myself questions like these on New Year, I ask myself these questions once a week, once a day, and often multiple times each day:

1) Where were you in life 1 year ago today? What were your goals at this time?

2) Where are you now? Be honest.

3) Where do you want to be?

4) What actions will get you there & are you doing them? If not, how can you get started?

For me, the nature of these goals and the timespan of my reflection is always changing. At 3:00pm yesterday I double checked with myself that I had the house clean, the garbages taken out, rent paid, and a healthy dinner set for the evening ahead before allowing myself a little free time to shop before my roommates came into town for our NYE celebrations! Small self checks are the way I own the productivity game! It breaks it down into simple, achievable goals so at the end of the day I go to bed content with what I’ve done for the day..and already starting to think about what’s on my place for tomorrow!

Fewer and farther between, I think about next week and how by then I want to be going through my closet and making a goodwill pile, writing posts for the blog, and making sure my to-do list is complete so I can come home to Milwaukee over the weekend for my dentist appointment!

Sprinkled in there are my thoughts of where I want to be in a year, 2 years, or 5 years (these come more often then I would sometimes prefer! But I use them to motivate me). Where do I want to be living, working, and who do I want to be surrounding myself with? What are my fitness and nutrition goals? What are my goals for LMC? This constant flow of reflection calls me to action, and keeps me working to better myself, my life, and the way I treat myself!

In reflection, my answer is happy. Yes, my only goal for 2015 is to be happy (whatever that entails!). I’ve learned not to take happy for granted, and to bet on myself when happiness is at stake. And it’s made all the difference. <3

In my quest to deepen my happiness, there is a nook, a designated piece of my heart, where Love you, Mean it, Ciao resides. I’ve set some goals for myself and the blog for the year 2015. I’ve shared them with you below so you can know what to expect from me in the coming year (& keep me accountable)!

  • Write 3-4 posts per week
  • Log >100 of my favorite recipes
  • Improve the content of my weekly posts to better reflect the interest of my readers
  • Create a monthly newsletter for my readers!
  • Create content for a set of recipes, meal plans, and lifestyle tips I hope to publish in the next 2-3 years
  • Develop at least 1 brand relationship (yay!)
  • Create a voice for myself and LMC; I hope to portray the most honest, down-to-earth, and true reflection of who I am and I hope to let this shine through in my blogging.
  • Last but not least, I hope to officially launch a social media campaign for Love you, mean it, ciao. Once I have established my main goals above, I want to proudly share LMC with my friends, on social media, and with everyone I know to truly promote the work I have done. I hope to share the missions of LMC to inspire the idea of loving yourself, betting on yourself, leaning in, living healthy, eating healthy, being active, buying the shoes, and duh..kissing the puppy! <3 okay, essentially everything happy and healthy!

Cheers to you all for a lovely 2015! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for LMC, and thank you all for reading along and helping me follow my passion <3


What are your goals for 2015? Any tips for Love you, mean it, ciao? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts below!

Love you, mean it, ciao <3

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