4 Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog

Shaking things up this week on LMC – hold onto your pants!

Since launching Love you, Mean it, Ciao, I’ve been approached with a lot of questions from friends and acquaintances about what getting started with a blog looks like. Things like why I got started, how I set up my blog, where I get my information, and how I manage the schedule. It occurred to me that many Generation Y yuppies like me are into blogging. It’s trendy. Its a way to set yourself apart from the herd. So you’ve thought about it..

In order to answer some of those questions in an organized manner, I’ve decided to write a segment on Getting Started in Blogging. My goal in doing so is to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained through my own experiences with people who have entertained leveraging the blogging industry in their own lives. I had toyed with the concept myself for about 2 years before Love you, Mean it, Ciao materialized. Why did I wait so long and how did I finally decide to go for it?

During those two years, I considered a number of factors that would ultimately lead me to launch LMC in February of 2015. Thoughts that went through my mind were things like,

  • Why do I want to start a blog?
  • What was I trying to achieve through a blog?
  • What would I write about?
  • How would I manage it in my current schedule?
  • How could I develop myself as an expert with credible, interesting content?
  • How would my friends and family respond?
  • How would I navigate the learning curve that accompanies running an online website?
  • How much money would it cost?
  • How do I stay down to earth as a writer?
  • What if I fail?

So perhaps this is the current state of your mind: Excited, doubtful, full of questions, and unsure how to confidently move towards the correct decision for yourself with regards to blogging.


Four criteria to evaluate when deciding if blogging is a good gig for you! Written from personal experience on LMC.
Four criteria to evaluate when deciding if blogging is a good gig for you! Written from personal experience on LMC.

Getting Started in Blogging: 4 Crucial Factors to Consider Before Launching A Blog:

1) Your Why

This is your passion, your driving force, and the little seed planted inside you which piqued your interest in blogging in the first place.

It’s likely a little bubble already formed in your mind. This is not just something you love. This is something you love so much that you want to share it with as many people as you can.

Write this down.

Now I’m going to challenge you. Take what you wrote down and make it grossly specific.

For example, I first wrote down Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, etc..Then I specified.

The purpose and sole passion behind LMC is to empower and inspire those around me to take advantage of their health. My goal: change the way people think about themselves with respect to fitness, nutrition and mindset. Defining my overarching goal enabled me to visualize the big picture for LMC with each post I wrote as I got started.

I imagine someday to lead free community fitness classes in public locations, coach and promote other individuals within my community to share their own expertise, and to be an enabling public image of self-love, positivity, and strength. These are big goals, ya? Am I there now? Certainly not. But the first step in achieving a goal is to define it. So be specific and don’t put a ceiling on yourself.

So if you are having a hard time figuring out what your broad passion is, I recommend writing down all of your passions. Practice writing a post in each category and see which feels the most rewarding. When you know, you know.

People tend to waiver on the purpose of their blog. Is it concrete enough? Will others like it? Why does it have to be so focused? The truth is, blogging can be overwhelming ot manage. The more specific your focus and goals, the better handle you can grasp on the entire activity in general. As you develop yourself in the blogging community, it’s likely you will branch into other topics and have new goals as well. But don’t make the mistake of trying to do it all at once, and all at the beginning. Start small. Start specific.

So if you are in a place where you are considering starting a blog, this is a sort of silly exercise to practice, but don’t underestimate its effectiveness. Holding a clear stance about what your purpose is as a blogger before getting started is one of the most natural ways to build confidence. If you have a purpose, you have a blog.

2) Timing

Just be real with yourself. Is now a good time to start a blog?

Do you realistically have 5-10 hours each week to put into writing, photography, reading, and visual display for a blog? This consistent investment into your blog is what compounds over time to build it successfully.  Small amounts of consistent effort go much further than inconsistent bursts of effort on random days when it comes to connecting with readers.

Perhaps you are a student, or working full time. If you’ve considered blogging, be real with yourself. If you don’t have the time right now, perhaps think about post-poning a launch until you can confidently set aside blogging hours each week.

Then again, don’t be a wimp. You are always going to be busy. There is no perfect time to start a blog. It’s going to take some sacrifice and some late nights during the beginning stages. So if you think you can swing an extra 5 hours a week, I dare you (:

If you love what you’re doing, it’ll just be 5 extra hours of fun each week. And it will feel amazing knowing you are investing your time into something that will benefit your own future and potentially the lives of those around you!

If you needed a little nudge, consider yourself nudged. Why not now?

3) Resources

The best thing you can do when trying to make an informed decision is to get informed.

Well that seems pretty straight-forward, right? I promise not to be any more complicated than that. Maybe there are questions you have about blogging and what is all involved but you don’t know where to get educated. Or maybe you don’t think it’s worth your time. My sincere advice here is to be humble and put on your learning cap. You’re not going to be a pro at the beginning and you have to be okay with admitting you are at square one.

When I got started, Google and Pinterest where my very best friends (still are). If I had a question, I typed it into Google and found 1,000 possible answers. I invested about 20 minutes per day to research before getting started and I strongly recommend doing so. It can really open your eyes to the complexity of modern day blogging. This may help you gain an idea if blogging is for you.

Where I really got excited was Pinterest. The great thing about bloggers, is they love to share! And not just about recipes, fitness, fashion and all that good stuff. No, they like to share tips about how to become an effective blogger.This rocks for you!

Start by checking out or following along on my pinterest board, Blog Tips. Reading 2-3 different pins each day has become an addicting habit of mine, but it’s where I gain a lot of my information, how-to’s, tips, and insights from pro-bloggers. It’s nice to be able to pick their brains without having to leave my home. The amount of information available is limitless. You just have to take advantage of it.

Between these two resources, I’ve become a self-made blogger! So check them out and see if this knowledge excites you further..If so, you are well on your way to your launch!

4) Your Mindset

Are you willing to grow, invest your time, and advocate for Your Why?

Having a growth mindset is the last key ingredient to reaching the specific purpose you hope to achieve for your blog. It would be like the vehicle to drive you from point A to B. You may have a rockin’ purpose, some time on your hands, and even the tools to teach you the trick of the trade, but if you don’t approach each and every situation and hiccup with the “I can and I will” attitude, successful blogging will be an uphill climb.

Blogging is something that must be done for the right reasons. Only the most authentic blogs truly touch and change lives. So think about your answer to number 1 above. How pure is it? Make sure its coming from your heart. Make sure every action taken in your life is taken with this purpose in mind.

Consistency which bleeds into all aspects of an individual’s life is what differentiates a hobby blogger from a pro. So if you’ve got something burning deep within you that makes you so excited that you eat, sleep and breathe it – then what are you waiting for?! Deprive us of your intelligence, grace, and passion no more. I’d say, launch that bad boy! And keep believin! Your dreams WILL come true.


I hope this is helpful to anyone considering writing their own blog. These were ultimately the four factors I considered before diving into LMC.

What if after reading this you still aren’t sure? Well then hey,looks like you’re human. I’ll be sharing my best remedy for this next week and how I uniquely combated this exact obstacle.

If you have any further questions or have suggestions for content you would like to see in Getting Started in Blogging, please comment below! (:

Love you, Mean it, Ciao <3






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