Learning to Cook on LMC


That was the noise I swear I heard (& the sting I swear I felt) when I tasted my first homemade dinner freshman year in the dorm. This meal screamed, “welcome to reality, honey..”

I thought to myself in that moment, “Oh no, I’m a bad cook!”

If I could use two words – I’d throw “lumpy” and “mysterious” out on the table. It was chicken, sorta..

From the girl who’s very first meal was lumpy chicken bits, I bring to you beginner, simple-to-learn, quick, tasty, and nutritious meals, side dishes, snacks and dessert recipes!

If you find yourself relating to any of the emotions I felt during my dorm cooking experience, there is still hope! This blog is about learning. If you are a chef in training like me, then I challenge you to follow along and push your own abilities as a nutritional self-chef! One of my favorite challenges is to take a rich or less healthy recipe I love and “torify” it (make that baby healthy!) So I can assure you, you will also find plenty of that. Oh! and lots of good pre and post workout options (:

MOST OF ALL – I have one little request from YOU! I would be so thrilled to receive advice, tips, and new recipe ideas/request from all of you. One of the end goals I had in mind when creating LMC was to interact with like minded individuals and form a community in which I share common goals. Always use the “comments” section or e-mail – Don’t be a stranger! (:

I promise I’ve come a long way since my freshman dorm chef days (& luckily I’ve learned a lot along the way).

Now to the good stuff —-> Recipes

To healthy & simple!

Love you, Mean it, Ciao <3


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