Burpee X Crunch X Run X Repeat! 20 Minute Do Anywhere HIIT Workout

Hi Guys and Gals!

Welcome to Wednesday over here on LMC! I am pumped to share with you my very first fitness post. I was inspired to post a do-anywhere, full body, strength work out by a cardio goal I set recently. A couple weeks ago I set a running goal to hit 7:30 min/mile for 3 miles straight (working on that speed & endurance combo)! And I realized I needed a short, dynamic strength set to be able to add variety to my running/training goals. I set out to reach my training goal in April and things are going miraculous so far. It’s been like this:

April 7th: 3 miles at 10 min/mile

April 8th: 3 miles at 10 min/mile *building confidence phase*

I know I’m definitely not a fast runner. But I realized I had to start with something I could do easily and go from there! I’m sure many of you are much faster than me (High five!)! I did these on a treadmill, so I just set the pace to 10 minute miles.

April 11th: 3 miles at 9:50 min/mile.  *a small increase in speed, still building confidence*

April 14th: 9:00 min/mile

You’re probably like “Stop lying Tori, no one magically cuts nearly a minute off each mile in a couple days!” I promise I’m not a compulsive liar. (: I know this time is still pretty slow, but this run was a huge mental learning and growth experience for me. It was my first outdoor run of the season and I decided that although it would be pretty simple for me to set the “MapMyRun” app up and aim to meet that 9:50 min/mile pace each mile, I decided to simply walk out the front door and run as fast as I could for 3 miles. Talk about a HUGE change in mindset! But sometimes we need to think a little differently to be able to do a little differently.

And heck, it worked so don’t question my methods (: hehe!

My current PR is 8:02 min/mile for 3 miles. This next 58 sec/mile decrease came with a little more effort than the initial pace cut I made. But it’s been so amazing to run faster than I’ve told myself I’m capable of these past few years as a runner! Remember that quote, “Blow your own damn mind every once in a while,” well do it! Cause trying to explain the feeling is too hard. (: Anyone else totally dominate and overcome their own expectations for themselves recently?!

I’m not giving up until I hit that 7:30 min/mile pace (I’ll have to set an even faster goal after that). And you can hold me to it!

Anyway, I’ve noticed I need to incorporate some strength and speed exercises if I want to make that next 30 second/mile decrease in time.

I’m a huge fan of workouts you can do without equipment, can be modified, can be done indoor or outdoor, can last any length of time you have available to you & that get results (most important part)!

This one is tough, it’s sweaty, and you’ll be done in 20 minutes. If you’ve only got 10, I’d still recommend it. If you’ve got 5 minutes, I promise I’ll still get your heart rate up. & Welp, if you’ve got 30 minutes, keep going and going until you can no longer! This can be done anywhere with space big enough for a push-up and an outlet to run. For example, the sprint can be done on a treadmill, outdoors, on an indoor track, or an open field.

My favorite part about this one is I could physically see results after doing it. In my core, my speed, and my lady guns! Wooo, now that’s a hot workout!

The 20 minute (or more, or less) workout that can be done anytime, anyplace. Building that core and lady guns for the extra fierce She (or He)! Go get it!

I recommend beginning this workout with a number of repeat times in mind. My goal was 10X through. I could manage 8, so be realistic with yourself and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do this all day long. This is not supposed to be easy.

Mindset Recommendations

Something that really helped me get through this workout was to try to minimize rest between burpees, crunches, and sprints. Do your best and don’t worry if you have to take a little breather as needed. The important thing is to keep going.

Don’t get caught up on the specifics (this applies to any workout program you find online). An important part of creating a workout routine that you can stay committed to is having a “go with the flow” type of thought process. Be able to adapt to your environment, the weather, and what is available to you in terms of time and space. As an example, if you are on a treadmill, don’t get too caught up on hitting an exact speed setting each sprint. Just crank that baby up, get your heart beating, and focus on the fast! Or maybe you don’t have a treadmill, but an indoor track. Say one sprinting one lap around only takes 50 seconds. Just go with that, do the lap and get back to your spot to bang out those burpees and crunches! Or say you only end up with 15 minutes for your workout instead of the 30 you planned because a meeting went late. My advice? Go hard for 15 minutes and be proud you squeezed in a workout – you rock lady!!

Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t be afraid to make little modifications to make it work for you. This goes a long way for the busy girl.

Try mixing up which crunch you do between sets, add a squat into your burpee, or try high knee sprinting to add variation.

Wow, I get so passionate about positive thinking & have so much love for sharing fitness with others!! Don’t you?

Love you, mean it, ciao <3


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