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There is something, a concept, which I believe in.

Have you ever had someone look you in the eye and tell you – at a moment where you are on the verge of giving up or taking the lazy way out – like seriously you have already had the dialogue in your head, “yeah I’ll do one more squat rep then I need 10 seconds rest before I hop back into the flow,” and then you are interrupted by your semi-insane yoga instructor (with good intentions, of course) as she screams at you to “DIG DEEPER!” Suddenly, in this moment, you realize the thing you thought that you could not do (all the squats) is now the thing you MUST do, and better yet, you CAN do.  Let me tell you my little “Dig Deep” story.

Time elapsed: 30.03 minutes

Me: Ughh yes finally done with this run.

Enter: Scrawny man in weight room with high school track T-shirt on. It read, “DIG DEEP.”

Me: I had two thoughts. 1) It’s ironic that this little twig is wearing some hulky guy t-shirt 2) Dig Deep?

On the first thought, well that was literally just my first thought. It brought a smile of endearment to my face but then my thoughts turned inward as a result of this scrawny man’s motto.

What did Dig Deep mean to me?  I knew my workout was an okay workout. It wasn’t bad – but I couldn’t beat the feeling that it was only average, like I was cowering behind fear and lack of belief in myself that I could do better than what I had just completed. Was I reaching my full potential? Definitely not. Worse yet, that’s my own fault I’m pretty sure.

So I made myself think, “I’m going to go for it – I will add 5 minutes of time to this treadmill, right NOW!” I cranked up my speed and added 5 minutes of interval training onto my run. And guess what? Miraculously, I defied myself. I could do it. All thanks to a scrawny little man with a good point.

This was a huge break through for me. Define your challenges. Waste absolutely zero time. Hesitation builds fear. When you say “tomorrow” you say “never,” and you foster self doubt. Go do it – right here and now.

Do not delay your own success, do not delay challenge. Yes – choose it.

Define challenge. Then defy it. And defy it now.

By saying “Dig Deep” you say “no” to limitations, excuses, negativity and self doubt. “Dig Deep” says “yes” to the whisper inside you that says “maybe I can.” Because deep down in there, you know you can. And then you DO.

So you’re probably going to workout today, or maybe it will be tomorrow. It will inevitably take up a short portion of your day. Perhaps it lasts 45 minutes. So here is a little something to think about before you lace up those tennis:

It will take 45 minutes if you do the thing you know you can do. It will also take 45 minutes if you do the thing you think you might not be able to do.

DIG DEEP. In all that you do.

Sooo this is what happens when I think about T-shirt slogans 🙂



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