Getting Started Blogging: The weirdest thing I did before starting a blog (among many, let’s be real) & why I did it!

For the second topic in my Getting Starting Blogging series here on LMC, I thought I would share one of my favorite things I did to get started, the right way! And it’s an excuse to bring up old childhood memories.

When you guys were little, did you ever make a dance with your friends? Like you’d pick that sweet N’sync or Brittany Spears song and spend an ENTIRE afternoon making up the coolest dance moves to go along with it (Tal you know what I’m talking about). Then, half-way through your mom would walk in on you making up the dance (so uncool mom). You’d get her out the door as fast as possible because, “Gosh-for-bid she would see one of your awesome moves or find out which song you chose before the dance was perfected (as if she didn’t hear the music on repeat all afternoon haha)! Gosh mom, didn’t you know we were in the midst of creating a masterpiece?! It needed to be perfect before you were willing to perform the final piece!

You can pretend not to relate, but I know you’ll be lying.

Another analogy (a much more normal one) would be perfecting a paper before turning in your final draft for grading. Like, you probably want to fix those grammar errors before letting your teacher gets his hands on it. You don’t want him thinking you are a dummy!

Sooooo what is my point here?! What kind of deranged activity did I engage in before launching LMC?

I’m getting to it, promise.

I’ve done a lot of weird things in my life prior to starting LMC (like fabreeze my feet, drink the pickle juice out of the pickle jar, and sleep in my parents room until I was 10 years old!) haha but this thing I did definitely stands out among those as the weirdest thing I did as a girl excited to get started blogging.

What I’m about to reveal might come as a shock to you. And you might even dislike me a little for keeping secrets from you.

“What the princesses, Tori?!” is a perfectly acceptable response to what I’m about to share with you (just in case you needed help finding an appropriate expression for the emotions comin’ at ya)!

Okay I think I’ve finally built the proper level of anticipation, so here it goes.

Getting Starting Blogging: How to "figure things out" in blogging? Allow yourself the room for growth (:
Getting Starting Blogging: How to “figure things out” in blogging? Allow yourself the room for growth (:

The weirdest thing I did prior to whipping up a blog for the whole world to see…was to whip one up for no one to see.

Can you believe I was a sneak blogger for almost a year before I decided to share things with all of you (before you get mad, give me a second to explain, I promise I have only love for all of you!!)?

I was really excited about fitness, clean recipe creating, sharing positivity with body image, and the idea of writing a blog as a hobby.

The more I looked into it, the more complicated things seemed. I heard words like SEO, media kits, premium theme, wordpress, hosting, domains and social media strategy.

What the princesses (see, people say this)?!

I didn’t know the first thing about blogging. I could see right away there would be a learning curve. There also seemed to be multiple levels of professionalism ranging from beginner-pro bloggers. Who did I want to be and how would I get started?

It ain’t rocket science! Like any seasoned college grad, I fired up my BFF google and typed in, “How to start a blog.”

I created a username on and I picked a domain name. I made the decision to purchase the domain name ( so that I wouldn’t have the “/” at the end of my blog URL (it was less than $20 which was an investment I didn’t mind making, but you may feel different at first and that is okay too). I wanted it to be MINE. I’m so selfish (: 5 Minutes later I had a blog!

Then came all this fluff and confusion about and (I realized after starting on that there were even differences here haha..SEE it is okay to learn as you go!! Don’t expect yourself to be a PRO right away) and I was so overwhelmed and confused already right at the beginning. was FREE so I started here. It seemed smart not to invest too much money before knowing the ropes.

Am I on now? Nope. Am I glad I started there? Certainly.

It taught me the limitations of and some of the themes. It also allowed me time to make lots of mistakes without paying $$. I got time to do all of the research on what the difference was between and (self-hosting), what a “host” was, the different theme options available, how often I preferred to post, what I would post about, what the heck SEO was and many other things. So the reason I decided to blog in private for a while was to give myself the space to learn and gather information without having my learning process on display.

Looking back now and reading some of my first posts from last year, I am SO EMBARASSED (you will never see these). So in short, I’m glad I didn’t publicize these. I would have no readers or friends left! (:

I knew I wasn’t going to be perfect at first, and I also knew this was okay.

After almost a year of blogging, I learned a lot and got a feel for what my personal goals were for LMC.

I wanted it to be a hobby, I wanted to enjoy it, and I wanted it to be a beautiful place where people would feel loved and excited about living their life in a healthy way! I was ready to make a little bit of a fool out of myself in front of everyone I knew because I knew my purpose was worth it.

You now know my deepest, darkest, blogging secret (:

So if you’re entertaining thoughts of starting your own blog, try being a little sneaky and give things a whirl, but on your own terms! Let’s see what you’ve got!

P.S. I did something so GROWN UP today. I took a vacation day from my full-time job! So I am still in bed on a weekday morning, getting paid. Life is sweet (: Now I’m going to go for a nice longgggg walk to enjoy the weather!

Have a great day!

Love you, Mean it, Ciao <3


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