Holiday How To: Keep your skinny jeans fitting and have your cookies too!

The key to achieving such a miracle: be a girl with a plan. (Don’t be a girl who hopes she will resist the plate of warm gingerbread cookies (cause’ you wont, honey!)).

Last year, I let the cookies get the best of me (okay..every year past). However, the unhealthy eating habits I exhibited last holiday season are the root in my passion to stay well this holiday season and provide so much inspiration to respect my body and my health this year! It was a thought: Control, I (me, myself, and I) can take control this year. I knew I couldn’t do it alone; but I knew I could do it.

Enter supportive mother. Without a thought I reached out to my mom. I told her my concerns, as she knew last Christmas I had a hard time. She asked me what would help and we devised the most amazing plan. We have figured out how to stay healthy this Christmas. With numbers comes strength, and I am so happy to have the support of my whole family to help make this year the most transformative holiday yet. I can’t wait to overcome new goals with my favorite people right by my side. I have no doubt this year I will not only maintain my optimism and health, but will become a stronger woman by changing my holiday season approach for the better!

Gaining a couple of pounds or letting nutrition slip during the holidays is a universal truth. This year I’m not letting this rule apply to me. The holidays don’t provide an excuse to treat your body disrespectfully and like a garbage bin. Every day we should be nourishing our body for it houses our soul (or doing our very best to treat it well). Every day can be an opportunity to improve the health of our body and minds! The holidays are no different & this year I am here to prove it!

My beautiful mother and I have created a meal plan that we both agree is made up of foods we are proud to have in our refrigerator. Each day I am home (I am off work for 1 week during Christmas), we will cook a “mother-daughter” special. By spending time planning the meals and cooking together, we have created not only a fun way to spend time together during my break at home, but also an inventive way to get passionate about cooking healthy and maintaining our ways of wellness throughout the holiday season! As part of our plan, we decided that Christmas cookies will be made in moderation. That being only a batch at a time (rather than making 6 dozen which is more than any of us can consume), enough for just my family to eat! It’s important not to entirely restrict treats – but to indulge in moderation! To help with this, we will keep the cookies out of the kitchen and in the garage when they are not being shared. Out of sight, out of mind. I’m really, really excited about this holiday.

No excuses – the Martino girls (+dad) are staying HEALTHY this year! 🙂 Both physically and mentally!

I will post our planned meals and reflect on the Holiday How To: keep your skinny jeans fitting and eat your cookies too! throughout the week next week. How will you respect your body and your health this holiday season? You can do this – It just comes down to a choice. So if you’re feeling bold, decide to be bold. Make a change, take a chance, become the individual you want to be. There is no time like the present and I’d love your company along this journey.

Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday!

Love you, mean it, ciao <3

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