I N T R O D U C I N G: LiketoEATit

Have you heard of the fashion bloggers’ craze, “Like to know it?”

The goal of the app is to supply Instagram users with direct links to purchase entire outfits or accessories from photos they like on Instagram, in a convenient manner.

The app works like this:

1) Fashion bloggers post photos to Instagram with outfit details or accessories, using the hashtag, #liketkit.

2) Users who enjoy various aspects of the outfit “like” the photo.

3) First, an individual must create an account with liketoknow.it. Once that is done, the user receives an e-mail upon “liking” a photo with this hashtag which contains direct links on where to purchase each item from the Instagram photo.

It gives shoppers the information they want, when they want it. Here is the link to their website if you want to check it out for yourself!

Pretty neat, huh?

A couple weeks ago, I was reflecting on the types of things I value when it comes to the fitness and health blogs I follow! My favorite is finding great recipes and food photos on Instagram – In fact, I usually want that recipe ASAP!

My disconnect typically occurs when trying to locate the recipe. Call me Miss Lazybones, but I usually keep scrolling through my feed rather than redirecting my window to the blog where I found the yummy treat in order to locate the recipe. I realized I am missing out on so many wonderful recipes due to my inevitable, yet quite universal laziness.

Imagine a world where you could like the foodie Insta photos you find and receive the exclusive recipe, nutritional information, and the How-To right in your inbox for reference at any time.

This is my goal.

No, I don’t know how to develop an application system which would input login information, track likes, and automatically direct e-mails to the matching accounts. But give me some girly stationary, a pencil, and a little time…and I can do this by hand!

I’m extremely excited to introduce my “personalized” Tori app.” Here’s what to do:

1) Visit www.loveyoumeanitciao.com, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter your e-mail address below the phrase, “Get goodies!” Confirm the subscription via the e-mail address entered.

2) Proceed with your life. Find the recipe, like the recipe, get the recipe!

My goal is to make ingredients, nutritional information, and instructions for exclusive recipes easily accessible to readers!

I plan to individually e-mail each recipe, so expect a 24 hour turn-around & a hand written compliment at the bottom!

To kick things off, here is an energizing alternative to America’s Favorite: The morning cup of coffee.

I’ve been drinking this one on a kick for the past 3 mornings! Despite running on less than optimal amounts of sleep, I felt alert and satiated by this chocolaty bev! Say good morning with the Tiramisu Morning Mocha .


Protein & caffeine couple up to create a killer morning beverage whether it be post-work out, pre-workout or an on-the-go breakfast. This power couple brings you into focus, boosts energy & elevates mood naturally. Enjoy peace of mind. This mocha contains only 80 calories, and packs 10 G protein to keep you feeling satisfied. It’s basically boss. & it tastes like tiramisu.

Want the recipe?
To help me try out the new “like to EAT it” Tori-run app, enter your e-mail in the form at the bottom of this page (Right below the words, “Get goodies”) to receive details on the Tiramisu Morning Mocha! (:
like to eat itpinkblue

In the future, I hope to develop a more universal platform for other food/nutrition bloggers to participate and share their recipes by #liketoeatit as well! Who knows, maybe a little #liketosweat will be coming next..

Love you, Mean it, Ciao <3

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