Leftover turkey from the Holiday? This recipe’s got you.

This week at home has been the most relaxing week – period. Somehow the time managed to fly by but I feel so fortunate to have had an entire week home with mom and dad, I’m the luckiest girl 🙂

Today I head back to Madison to start working full time as a Biochem research intern. It’s a big change. Last weekend I graduated, this weekend I look forward to starting a full time career! I’m not sure this has sunk in yet, but I’m going to seize every opportunity I can and aim for self betterment, growth, and simply to learn as much as I can. It surely is an anxious-excited time.

& I know people say not to look back on the past, but on Christmas day my mom baked a huge turkey in the oven and it was amazing (one not to forget 😉 )! As the tale goes, we had heaps of leftovers. I imagine “what to do with turkey leftovers” might be the most searched question on google after Thanksgiving, and I’ve got an idea my mom and I tried after Christmas that’s worth sharing! Got ham? That will work too! Prepare yourself for the amazing Turkey Pear Salad topped with Pomegranate, Pecans, and Feta cheese! (click link for recipe)

IMG_4551 IMG_4550 IMG_4558 IMG_4557 IMG_4562 Recipe for the roasted veggie side depicted here 🙂

Back at Thanksgiving, when we didn’t quite have our leftover turkey prepared yet, we made a variation of this salad without the turkey, and plus a few cranberries!

IMG_4068 IMG_4080 IMG_4081 IMG_4083 IMG_4084Details on this yummy variation are in this salad’s recipe link at the top of the page!

Do you have a favorite fruit and nut salad recipe? I would love to hear how you customized this salad – or another delicious salad to make it your own!

Check back on Monday where I’ll be sharing one of my favorite cleansing breakfast recipe ideas to help with that post-holiday bloat on the blog – Banana coconut oatmeal! No need to sacrifice delicious for cleansing this year! I also can’t wait to share my experience with Jamberry nails just in time for New Years!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Love you, mean it, ciao <3

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