Life Hack: Being the Boss of Your Life & Chasing Your Dreams!

The theme of this post is CHASING YOUR DREAMS! Because we all need a little reminder and a seed of inspiration sometimes.

…It starts with specifying a single action to complete today. Specify- I love that word. You want to be a productivity goddess and boss at your own life? Be specific with what you expect of yourself. Let’s get specific.

Want to stop snacking? Don’t go cold turkey – just trying brushing your teeth at 8:30pm every night (to reduce unwanted night-time snacking)! Want to begin working out again? Go to the gym tomorrow and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes! Start simple – build your confidence- be the boss of your life, lady!

Specifying a simple step that you can do tomorrow is the catalyst to achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

This is a great transition into a little story I want to tell. It centers around a young woman with a big dream. A moment of clarity was all it took to help girl realize how important it is to pursue her dream. This girl used to believe her dream was too big, it was not realistic. But one day she could not tame her passion. Nothing was going to prevent her from going after it. And that’s what led me to write this post tonight. It can be intimidating setting out to reach a goal, big or small. But if you want to be the boss of your own darn life, then you just gotta chase that thing! This story has multiple endings. The wonderful fact is that I get to write mine (and so do you). And I choose to be The Girl Who Chased Her dream (&believed in herself, and reached her goal!) & so I shall do it!!

..That dream is Love you, Mean it, Ciao – a version of LMC that has a meaningful, positive impact on the quality of human lives and the fashion world. Spoiler alert: the young lady in my story was me, Victoria Martino, the voice behind the current LMC. In order to achieve such a vision, I know I’ve got to step it up, commit, and deliver quality ideas and design to my readers. I’m up for the task, and I promise to exceed your expectations. I can’t wait to begin this journey, with you all by my side.

For anyone who has been following along with Love you, Mean it, Ciao – or for anyone just reading for the first time, I will be entirely reinventing my idea of LMC. I will be launching my dream blog by February – so please stay tuned and be patient as I take the next month to produce quality content, a new visual design, and continue to learn more and more about how to create a killer emotional connection with you all! My goals are to write self invented recipes which encompass affordability, nutrition, flavor, convenience, and lastly, originality – as well as fitness motivation, lifestyle fashion and my quirky little adventures. I hope to share my enthusiasm and excite you with my excitement! I cannot wait to unveil the new Love you, Mean it, Ciao in just a few short weeks.

I simply decided its time to chase my dreams, you know?

I welcome you to follow along during the transformation of LMC with small sneak peaks of what’s to come on Instagram! My username is @victoria_martino.

If you have any suggestions, positive feedback, or would like to collaborate – please leave your comment below or e-mail me at It would mean the world to me and help provide me with valuable direction to shape the future LMC. Thanks for reading & I look forward to a wild, amazing, and extremely rewarding journey with you.


Until next time,

Love you, mean it, ciao <3

7 thoughts on “Life Hack: Being the Boss of Your Life & Chasing Your Dreams!

  1. Chase away, baby girl! Follow your heart and your dreams – always just do your best! I love you! Mom – your number one fan!

  2. So proud of you Tor-you are a prime example of being capable of achieving whatever you set your mind to! Thankful to have such a blessing of a friend in my life and can’t wait to see what’s in store for LMC and the insta account(!!!!!!!)-YOU GO GIRL 🙂
    XOXO clairebear

    1. Claire-
      Thank you darling! You have been a greatly positive influence on me and my beliefs, I truly do not know what I would do without you! Thank you for always believing in my silly little ideas and thoughts! Love you nugget 🙂 Can’t wait to fill you in on everything! Xoxo

  3. This is absolutely fabulous! YOU are absolutely fabulous! Exploring your blog made me think of when you came to visit me in Madison. I remember wondering if a role model could be someone younger than me. You were such a sweet, ambitious, beautiful, and positive girl. Still are. Keep chasing those dreams, lady! I’m so excited to see how many other people you inspire along the way – myself included! Xoxo

    1. Andrea, like I said in my text, this made my day (: it’s funny because all this time, I’m not sure why, but it has always seemed like you and I are just on the same page about all things in life! It’s rare to find someone like that in life and I smile knowing I have you to look up to ☺️ thanks for the support! Miss ya!

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