LMC Tale

When my sister, Talia, and I were little girls, we were enamored with the close relationship my mom had with her sister (our aunt). We knew Momma Martino was devastated when our Aunt Lu revealed the news that she would be moving to London!

Every Sunday, my frugal dad allowed my mom to use minute-by-minute calling cards (remember these!?), despite their expense so my mom could maintain her close relationship with her sister. Talia and I would always huddle in close to listen. At the end of each call, the goodbye always went like this, “Love you, Meeena, Chow.” Or so we thought.

As little girls, we could not understand why our mom would say such a silly phrase to her sister before hanging up. Who was Meeena? and what about Chow, anyhow?

One day the mystery was put to rest as Talia decided to try out the phrase. She left the house for school and said, “Bye ma – Love you meeena chow!”

Hysterical laughter broke out and to this day, the two of us girls still get made fun of for our silly little misunderstanding (:

All along, what they had said was, “Love you,” “Mean it,” “Ciao” in attempts to express their unconditional love upon hanging up the phone! An adorable little phrase, if you ask me.

In the Martino home, the phrase remains Love you meena chow (with a sweet little memory in tow).

I named my blog Love you, Mean it, Ciao in honor of the support I’ve received from my family along the way. Each time I say the phrase, I’m reminded of the close, loving relationship I share with my family!

Love you, Mean it, Ciao <3


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