Grilling out, Freedom, & Weekend Style: What I wore for Memorial Day

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I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day holiday. I hope it was filled with barbeques, sunshine, family, movies, s’mores & campfires, long walks and food food food! I always dreamed of heading up to a cabin on the lake for long weekends like this. Someday I will have that, but for now my back yard will do (: This week’s post is my first fashion post about what I wore for Memorial Day. I tried to channel a mix of beachy prep with up-north relaxed. Let me know how I did.

Before I get into my weekender outfit shpeel, I’ll share a little about my weekend. I’d like to connect more with you all so lets get to know one another. I’ll start!

I think a serous ray of sunshine was shining down on me this weekend (literally and figuratively)! Now that I’m a grown up and stuff I can seriously see why my parents are so tired all the time. There is never a break!! 8 am every day (except when I sleep in a few extra minutes hehe). every week! Agh help! For those of you that don’t know what I do, I’m a scientist by day and a fashionista AKA sales girlie at Anthropologie by night and weekend. For the most part this is a blast! But this weekend I longed to go home for the holiday but knew I was scheduled to work at Anthro Sunday night. As many of my friends hopped in their cars to spend the weekend home, I toyed with various activities to fill the time before getting to go home Monday.

As I was boppin’ down Lakeshore path for a little hike on Saturday, I got a phone call. It was my manager at Anthro, changing my shift Sunday from a real shift, to an on-call shift (omg omg omg!) All flustered and sweaty, there wasn’t a doubt – I would book my little behind the two miles back home as fast as I possibly could and hop on a Badger Bus to be home!!! I would deal with my on-call later (spoken like a true responsible adult).

The happiest little camper there possibly was, I packed my bags and enjoyed burgers on the grill at my sister’s new home in Ashapinn with the whole fam! I’m so glad I didn’t have to miss family time for work. That is one of the hardest things for me. We took a long walk as we watched the sun set and then we headed home and mom and I watched Meet the Parents. It was glorious. As luck would have it, I didn’t get called in on Sunday and got to stay home (spoiled rotten)!

On Sunday, Rob and I (mom=robyn=rob) visited with some family friends before lunch. When we arrived, I was reminded of their old Victorian home. We used to go over there as kids and I just hadn’t remembered it being so beautiful. On one side of their lawn was a garden, on the other, an old barn. It was so picturesque. It got me thinking about the type of home I want to have with my family someday. And this was it. I don’t want a huge mansion like many people do. I want something just the right size, but with unmatchable character. They also had chickens which my mom and I got to pet (I think I’ll have a few of these when I get older too)! Who knew chickens could be so soft?! We then sanitized our hands (a serious must) and headed out to lunch at Mattie’s in New Berlin. I had the Healthy Chicken Wrap which had grilled chicken, asparagus and fresh mozz with a light vinaigrette (to die for). I ordered the potato soup as my side. My mom got the Reuben with sweet potato fries (soooo good, you bet I stole some). & we got white chocolate macadamia nut cookies with our meals – how fab! The Martino girls would go back (they had us at the cookies).

I love times like this. I got an entire lunch hour with the most amazing mom there ever was all to myself. I know she doesn’t know it, but these are my favorite memories. We just talk, about not much, and then giggle when we eat too much of our dessert. It’s the best.

Monday rolled around so quickly! I kicked Memorial Day off with a jog in the rain. Last week was one of those weeks where all of those things to do that I totally thought I had under control sort of got out of control. Ever had one of those weeks? It even got so far as to cut into my running routine. I still ran two days last week. It wasn’t ideal but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I just have to get back into the swing of things now that I’m rested up! So it was raining today, but I hopped out the door in a jiffy and enjoyed the bliss that was my 2-miler. Feels good to get back on the horse!

After making some yummy kale juice with my dad, my mom and I took quick advantage of the Memorial Day sales and then came home to enjoy the day outside. It wasn’t much, but it was a perfect memorial day. Here’s what I wore for my day of shoppin’, outdoor bummin’, juicin’, lovin’, laughin’, and munchin’ (also my dad took these photos so a huge S/O to him):

My goal for long weekends is to find comfort, but still radiate summer vibes! The blue, white and black color combination does just that and adds a nautical touch. Throwing a a jacket over the shoulder for unexpected breezes and shades on my head because how cute?! Voila!

You’re going to jaw drop. The scarf was $125….


I got this scarf from WAL-MART for $6.97 (like, who thought I was serious?). The shorts are from H&M for $8. Both this season! Get you’re booty out a shoppin! Cute doesn’t have to mean pricey. Pair it with any jean jacket you’ve got in your closet (or in my case, steal it from your mom’s closet). Mine, aka Robyn’s jacket, was from The Limited. Tank is from Anthropologie, but you could really use any black tank here!

What is your favorite Memorial Day tradition? What’s your go-to “long-weekend” look for up at the lake (a girl can dream)? Is there one piece you can’t go without?

Hope you enjoyed my first fashionista post!

Love you, Mean it, Ciao <3


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