Mushroom & Brown Gravy Chicken with Wild Rice

There’s a first for everything – and last week I spent my first week ever living alone! While the hours of Netflix after work (and no interruptions!), and quiet time in the morning to sip my coffee were definite perks, I learned quickly that I am not a “live alone-er.” I can’t wait to have my girlies back to provide hysterical commentaries on my favorite Netflix shows (HIMYM and New Girl) and I miss our morning coffee talks before we all scurry out the door for class. Life is so bright with beautiful friends, and I miss them! Lucky for me, my roommates arrive back in a couple short weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve resorted to my “living alone” survival guide. It has only two items:

1) Leave all apartment lights on (AT ALL TIMES) & lock ALL the doors (TRIPLE CHECK BEFORE BED)!!!

2) Cooking, baking, cooking, and more baking! YAY – an entire kitchen for my crafting pleasures.

I’ve been playing around with various recipes and concoctions over the past week. Some of them turned out better than I had anticipated – in contrast, some were a total flop (my chunky-yet-surprisingly-delicious-once-I-stopped-judging-its-appearance-chicken marsala..don’t worry I will perfect this bad boy and share soon..and I’ll try to explain how to achieve/not achieve chunky chicken). I promise to only share the nummy (non-chunky) ones for now!

On the better half of my cooking abilities spectrum from this week, I stumbled upon a savory, creamy, chicken mushroom dish I can’t wait to share. This comforting meal captures its audience at first bite. Read on, but don’t drool. 🙂


Mushroom & Brown Gravy Chicken with Wild Rice

The flavor was slightly sweet, a hint of savory, and a tad creamy with the hearty compliment of a mixed wild rice. This dish kept very well and I enjoyed it all week (& craved it, too). Bonus – the flavor grows more rich with time! Click the link below the photo for the full recipe.

My tip on this recipe is to be sure to plan ahead. While its a low maintenance dish, it does require 60 minutes of simmer time. If you want to eat around 6:30, be sure to start your preparation around 5:15 (or make ahead the weekend before!). I started mine around 6:00, and didn’t eat until a little past a growly tummy! Just keep this in mind to prevent a cranky you – or worse – a cranky family!

**A blissful kiss to the lips – and it wont go to your hips!**

Original recipe from Salad in A Jar (thanks for a good one)!

Enjoy and thank you for joining me today!

P.S. If you have any good ways to pass the time when living alone – I’d be forever grateful! 🙂

Love you, Mean it, Ciao <3

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