New Recipes on the blog! Winter Power Soup, and Beef Vegetable Stir Fry

Happy Tuesday all –

Clocking in from my bed, coffee in hand. This is my favorite way to blog! There is something miraculous about staying in PJs all day on vacation, it’s good for the soul! So that’s the perspective I’m coming from today 🙂 How is your day going?

Yesterday morning, I completed my Healthy Holiday Meal Plan (click to view post and access blank meal planner) and gathered all of my ingredients at the grocery store in the afternoon! This time of year, it is important to grocery shop on off-peak times to avoid the busy crowds! I got great service and collected most of the items I needed. Coming home with fresh ingredients in hand, I treated my hard-working parents to a healthy, delectable and easy to prepare meal to kick off the holiday season!

I decided on an Asian inspired dish – Sirloin Veggie Stir Fry. It turned out great & we have plenty of left-overs to munch on for the rest of the week. That is always a bonus around my parents house where everyone is too busy to cook every meal! What I love about this recipe is the potential for nutritional variety and the easy vegetable combination swaps which work for whatever you’ve got in the house! Oh, and it tasted fantastic.

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Beef Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

After dinner last night, I was in the spirit of healthy cooking and decided to prepare a light make-ahead lunch for the week! I couldn’t resist the nutrient-packed, protein filled Tuscan Chicken soup – at only 100 cal/cup, have another bowl (just make sure to use reduced sodium ingredients!). Not only did this batch of soup take under an hour to prepare, but it also yielded 12 cups of soup. I was very impressed with the flavor and so happy to be filling my belly with veggies and protein all week! Yumm-o and I will definitely be making this again. Check out the recipe on my blog (link below)!





Winter Power Soup: Tuscan Chicken

My family and I will be eating this warm and yummy soup (and left-over stir fry) all week! Happy Campers 🙂

Tonight we are making a steak and potatoes fancy dinner for our traditional “White Christmas” family get together with a dear family friend, Kirby. Mom and I are also trying a new salad recipe! Recipes for both will be up on the blog tomorrow!

Love you, mean it, ciao <3

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