Fiber Boost Your Breakfast: Sugary Prune Oatmeal!

When I think about preparing meals the question I ask myself is, “What extras can I add to enhance the nutritional profile of this meal (and add some flavor)?” Aka: How can I add healthy things to my everyday meals? It needs to be convenient, affordable, and flavorful if I’m going to form a habit – I’m realistic with myself.

My thought about this topic for today is: PRUNES!

I have this endearing little bag of prunes siting in my pantry, just waiting for me to pop one in my mouth at any time during the day! After work snack? Prunes! Low blood sugar got you down? Pop a prune! What’s for breakfast?….Did someone mention prunes? 🙂 I’m glad these prunes are around when my sweet tooth kicks in, too!

I hope you enjoy my take on a fiber-filled, protein-packed, low cal (300 cal) & time efficient breakfast!

Click the link below the photo for full recipe details:

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Sugar-Prune Oatmeal

I am particularly enthusiastic about this recipe because it is a Victoria Original (created by me). I would love to know how this recipe turned out for you (so give it a try!) or if you made any adjustments!

How do you add nutrients to “average joe” meals (like oatmeal, for example)?

I appreciate your feedback, support, and love! Thank you for spending time with me today – I hope you feel welcome to visit again soon.


Love you, mean it, ciao <3

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