The 9 emotional stages of Love you, Mean it, Ciao

1) Excitement

When you first learn that your friend has created a blog – let’s face it, you get excited! You must check it out right away.

2) Confusion

You click on the link to view your friend’s new blog and you learn that the name of her blog is “Love you, Mean it, Ciao.” You just don’t understand why she had to choose something so unspecific because now you don’t know what her blog is about! What does Love you, Mean it, Ciao mean? What is this blog about?

(have no fear, read the tale of Love you, Mean it, Ciao here)


Aside from being happy for your friend for creating a blog, you realize you now have access to all sorts of great new info on the girl you haven’t seen since high school. This is exciting. There are pictures! You are excited.

4) Uncertainty

After you have finished your 30 minutes of severe stalking, there comes an inevitable moment where you have to decide whether or not this blog is for you. I mean, it’s about, like, fitness and stuff (you do a basic hair flip to make your point). You really like cake, & you’re not working out. She can’t make you. You like your thunder thighs. Really, you do.  But that little thing about Digging Deep was great. You start to consider a trip to the gym – then you could eat more cake! Yes I’m doing this! Off to the gym I go! “Wow, what is happening to me?” you wonder..

5) Sudden decisiveness

In a moments notice of discovering the Recipes page, you realize, THIS BLOG IS ABOUT FOOD! You love food. Food is #1. You suddenly know you love this blog very much!

6) Panic 

A cloud of panic settles deep into your bones as you get a serious case of FOMO. You don’t want to be missin’ all these delicious recipes and you don’t want to miss out!

7) Pure Bliss

You exhale loudly in relief as you scroll to the bottom of the page as you find the “Newsletter” heading. You quickly type in your favorite e-mail address to follow along with your new favorite blog! Wheww – what a relief! Now you won’t miss a thing. And you are so happy about this you could cry!

8) Obsession

You have become obsessed. You now follow LMC on instagram @victoria_maritno and you check the blog (& your e-mail for new exciting updates, challenges, and giveaways!) every day. Seriously you don’t miss a day. This is unhealthy – you should calm down.

9) You want to tell all your friends

Without holding back, you throw caution to the wind. You begin sharing the blog’s Facebook posts on the regular. You talk about your delicious recipes and insane workouts more than your friends care to hear about.  Sure, you become a bit self-conscious about your Facebook post volume, but your soooo not-mad about the oatmeal recipe you made that was on fleek  (yeah I know you say that!) and the brand new washboard abs you’ve acquired from hitting the gym. “You’re in love, you’re in love, and you don’t care who knows it!” And you especially can’t wait to Instagram the next foodie photo you made from the blog recipes @victoria_martino. Because let’s face it, you’re basic and you love gramming food. (:

Hello there! Welcome! You’ve made it to Love you, Mean it, Ciao!

I created this blog as a platform to share the ideals of living a fit life as its grown to become a hugely important part of my own. Feel free to explore the site, comment, and share anything your heart desires! 

Here’s a >>sneak peak>> of what’s comin’ at ya tomorrow.

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Shamrock Shakes, anyone?

Love you, Mean it, Ciao



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  1. I have tasted that Shamrock Shake – oh, you’re gonna love it! And . . . You can enjoy it and keep your shape! Great recipe! You will need to check out tomorrow’s post if you’re gonna try it, so better subscribe now!

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