The Meal Plan to Create this Holiday Season!

Happy week of Christmas!

As a short recap, my mom and I are teaming up to create a balanced, happy, healthy holiday season! We decided the holidays would not become an excuse to mistreat our bodies – rather the perfect opportunity to nourish them! For the last week we have been brainstorming meals for dinner that would be special in honor of Christmas, but still balanced to keep our jeans fitting 🙂

I would have liked to have posted this yesterday, but I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison yesterday!


IMG_4374 IMG_4373IMG_4342

My family joined me in Madison on Saturday following my last undergraduate final exam to celebrate at our favorite Madison restaurant – The Old Fashioned. Sunday, we attended the inspiring (but totally cheesy) commencement ceremony and snapped a picture with Bucky, and a few on Bascom, before enjoying a delicious brunch at Sardine’s on Madison’s beautiful Lake Monona!





I enjoyed a celebratory champagne cocktail (just 1..ahem..moderation), and
steamed mussels!

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We had a great day as a family, but I came home absolutely exhausted and under the weather with a sinus infection. So here I am making the post today instead – as a UW Alum! The excitement, nostalgia, sense of accomplishment, joy, and Wisconsin love all still linger over me today as a I write this post. I am so happy that my time spent with family will only continue through this week – and I plan to keep it healthy too 🙂

I think the key to success in a week like this – a holiday week – is to come in prepared, organized, and with a plan. And because life is busy, this plan needs not require exhausting preparation. After brainstorming our dinner meal ideas, my mom and I decided to enter the items into a meal planner that included a grocery list at the bottom. What a FLAWLESS idea! Check out our planner below to get an idea of how you could organize and make your holiday week less stressful (blank copy included for you, from True Life I’m a Teacher!)! Take a peek at this week’s dinner menu at the Martino’s for healthy, family style meal ideas! We will be making Beef Vegetable Stir Fry, Winter Power Chicken Tuscan Soup, and More! I will post the recipes each day for you to try yourself 🙂

Martino Holiday Dinner Menu & Meal Plan 2014 (click image to enlarge)

Christmas Meal Plan

Blank Meal Plan for You!

How do you make your holidays balanced? How do you meal plan for a busy week? Share your tips and tricks with me below – I’d love to know how others tackle this sugar-filled holiday! For me, it included gaining whole-family support, planning healthy meals, staying organized, and focusing on indulgence in moderation! & remember, you are not perfect and simply don’t have to be to pull off a balanced holiday! Just get back on track and keep cheering for yourself!


Love you, mean it, ciao <3



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