The Nail Trend to Try for NYE 2015! My Experience with Jamberry Nails on the Blog!

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!

Today I can’t wait to share with you one of my first style posts about my experience using Jamberry nails! I hope to share an honest, rationale review which reflects my true opinion on the use of this product!

I think fancy nails are the first step to a hot NYE look — and Jamberry is here to help (with endless sparkle-filled options!).

IMG_4626Let me set the scene: I am a girl who, despite feverish efforts, cannot give myself a French manicure (free-hand) to save her life. Or any fancy nail-do for that matter! The French manicure is my absolute favorite nail style to date, and has been for the entirety of my memory’s existence! It’s classy, sophisticated, and goes with every outfit. I am also a decently frugal young woman just entering the work force after college. Paying sometimes big bucks for a French manicure at the salon that lasts a couple days isn’t on the top of my regular to-do list. Sure, for a special occasion I would splurge. But man would I love to be able to rock my favorite nail style more regularly, without going broke!

I recently got spoiled by the lovely Sarah Jacoby who provided me with a half sheet of Jamberry nails in my favorite style: White tip French manicure with pink nail base! My thoughts are below 🙂




IMG_4606  Mother-daughter Jamberry Wraps, just adorable! <3

Overall Jamberry Nail Experience Rating: 7.2 out of 10: I would try them again!

Affordability: pink starpink starpink starpink starpink starpink starpink starpink starpink star 9/10

Easy to Use:pink flowerpink flowerpink flowerpink flowerpink flowerpink flower 6/10

Time to apply: purple starpurple starpurple starpurple starpurple starpurple starpurple star7/10

Long Lasting: coral heartcoral heartcoral heartcoral heartcoral heartcoral heart6/10

Salon quality: feuschia floewrfeuschia floewrfeuschia floewrfeuschia floewrfeuschia floewrfeuschia floewrfeuschia floewrfeuschia floewr8/10

  • The cost of a sheet is ~ 15, and does two full manicures. At $7/manicure, I consider this affordable (given how long they last, and how nice they look).
  • Be patient during your first time using these wraps! There is a learning curve, and you may have to watch some videos to learn how. I think the second and third time around will look much nicer and be much easier to apply (remember, we didn’t know how to ride a bike the first time we got on, but it got easier the next time!)!
  • It took me about an hour to apply, but once I got the hang of it I started to speed up. It only took my mom 30 minutes to do hers, so practice helps! I think this is a reasonable amount of time to fit in once a week or two weeks.
  • So far they have lasted 2 full days and I have one little chip on one of the nails that I sort of messed up on when applying. Previous reviews say they last 1-2 weeks. I will get back to you 🙂
  • Despite having a small chip, these nails LOOK FAB! Compared to a free-hand French manicure, these look professional and type-A perfect, which I like considering the price.
  • The reason I gave the appearance a little lower score was to compensate for the fact that I found it hard to align the wraps perfectly straight and even across all ten fingers, so mine turned out a little funny looking on some nails!
  • Another bonus: Safe, natural, non-damaging removal!

INSTRUCTIONS for how to put them on and a tutorial on how to REMOVE them in the links!

Overall, the Jamberry wraps were pretty, affordable, timely, and there are oh so many adorable wrap styles to choose from! Not the most “beginner” friendly and may not last as long as claimed, but I definitely can’t wait to try again.. 🙂

>>>>>>>>>If you’re curious about the Jamberry wraps, check em’ out here! Questions? Contact Sarah on Facebook or give her a call (414.690.3636)! And oh! Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below 😉

I can’t wait to wear my pretty little French manicure this NYE <3

Love you, mean it, ciao


2 thoughts on “The Nail Trend to Try for NYE 2015! My Experience with Jamberry Nails on the Blog!

  1. So glad to share the Jamberry love with you, Tori! You will definitely get more efficient with wrap application. The French tips are a little trickier to apply because the tips need to be so uniform, but yours look GREAT! The designs are much more forgiving, in my opinion. Application practice helps with the wrap’s longevity, too–mine generally stay on 13-17 days. Enjoy your pretty nails! If you need anything, just holler! 🙂

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